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Wellness is fast achieving buzz-word like status. It gets touted around quite a lot.

[Tweet “While it’s important to be well and feel well, it’s just as important to define wellness on your own terms.”]

No, you won’t find it at the bottom of the $12 green smoothie that Wholefoods whipped up for you. It’s not hiding out in the natural aisle of your supermarket either. You can chant and run and meditate until your sit bones are sore.

Here’s my philosophy: [Tweet “wellness dwells within you and evolves with you.”]

The thoughts you think, the words you choose, the company you keep, your environment, how you treat yourself, what you put in and on your body and what you spend your energy on all shape your world.

Choices that are seemingly insignificant at the time you’re making them all have a profound impact on you, from a cellular level right through to your environment and relationships.

Self loathing. Stress. Negative thinking cycles. Constant comparison.  Saying yes when you want to say no. Staying when you know you should move on. Avoiding inner work. Ignoring your body. Going against your gut feeling. Keeping quiet when your inner voice is screaming to be heard.

All of these emotional struggles can parade themselves as external conditions.

Weight imbalances. Disordered eating. Lifestyle dis-ease. Broken relationships. Faux friendships. Career instability. Financial insecurity. Environmental stresses. Personality disorders. Abuse. Addictions.

Things that society tells you can be fixed. And while there generally is a pill for everything, know this:

[Tweet “”Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” Pema Chodron”]

When we dive in and shine a light below the surface, those physical manifestations mask what’s really going on.

The light will show where you’re really at. That the relationship you’re clinging to out of fear is holding you back. That you’re tired of nodding along politely. How you secretly yearn to burn the bridges with what weighs you down. That your pretend passion for your day job drains the shit out of you. That you feel  conflicted all the time.

You crave change.

In a world over-saturated with information and advertising on what you should be doing, I’m here to remind you that your external world is a direct reflection of your inner world.

It is my pleasure to gently guide you as you dive below the surface, let the light in on the shadowy parts of yourself and crank up the dial on how you want to feel. It is my mission to ensure you leave armed with a strong, no-fluff mind-body connections, a deep and mutual respect for your physical body and a nourishment system to ensure continuos growth on all levels.

If I have your commitment, you have my word

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