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Wholehearted Nutrition

A Conscious Easter: healthy recipes and creative ideas

I love Easter. The crisp, cozy autumn weather and the warm spiced scent of Easter treats baking away. And of course, my little guy was born on Easter Sunday on his birth year, so it holds extra special sentiment. While I love a celebration, I can’t help but feel Grinch-like as I buy Matchbox cars and board books for B’s first real Easter hunt. Good thing he adores them equally. There was an internal shift for me a while ago driven by the…

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Flourishing Food Recipes

Cacao & Date Cookie Recipe

Cookie Perfection: Date & Cacao Cookies Cacao has been put up on a pantry pedestal in my kitchen, and I’m going to take a minute to sing her praises. She’s loaded with antioxidants, topping Goji and Acai berries for potency, packed with happy hormone releasing neurotransmitters to elevate your mood and a beautiful boost of magnesium, an excellent mineral for mental clarity and happy, healthy hearts. Made in an attempt to keep the ‘gimme everything that contains sugar’ cravings at bay,…

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