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Alignment Archives: Heart Expansion Tools

Sitting in meditation (actually sitting still in general) has never been my forte. My mind ticks. My legs want to unravel. My arm will itch. So imagine my relief when I realised that these apparent ‘rules’ that surround meditation are not in any way indicative of my meditative potential. As Yoko Ono says: “If rules are not broken, we will be.” Click To Tweet I’m proof that rules exist to be broken because when I finally started meditating in a…

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Relationships are your biggest spiritual teachers

We accept the love we think we deserve. It sounds so contrived and smug when you’re in the midst of another average relationship that’s just about fizzled out. These seemingly holier-than-thou truisms can do two things: They can tip you over the edge into a screaming pit of hyped up motivational BS.  They’ll be the catalyst for life affirming change. Let’s choose the latter, the kind of catalyst that stops you in your tracks, reaches in and flips an internal switch. Just the way a…

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Things I love

Love & Links for a Happy Weekend.

Oh it’s been a hot, summery and stormy kind of week. A goodie, chock full of exercise on the deck, hanging out in the veggie garden and water play with B boy. Our front yard is almost complete – yay! Think 3 tiered merbau boardwalk lined with incredibly beautiful and lush palms, birds of paradise, cacti vibrantly lilting toward the sun in their pots, hidden pathways and our glowing mango front door. My husband, a super-talented industrial designer-turned landscape and construction…

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