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Energy clearing: 11 easy ways to amp the good vibes

Everything is energy Click To Tweet You don’t need to be a spiritual guru or a practicing monk to understand how beautifully simple this is. You just need to learn to turn down the noise and tune in to how something makes you feel. Your feelings are the barometer to understanding the frequency you’re vibrating with – and you’re dealing with them all the time, cos you’re human. True story. Ever felt the tension lingering in the air after two people have had…

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Nourishing Nuggets

Subconscious space clearing in 4 simple steps

Your subconscious mind is your most powerful tool. By tapping into this unlimited source, the good things you can manifest into your life are truly endless. It can be hard to imagine that the exact things you want are waiting for you to call them in. To make room for them. For real. When your head is full of dreams, your belly burning with desire and your energy being sent in a thousand directions, a clear subconscious slate seems totally…

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