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Alignment Archives: Heart Expansion Tools

Sitting in meditation (actually sitting still in general) has never been my forte. My mind ticks. My legs want to unravel. My arm will itch. So imagine my relief when I realised that these apparent ‘rules’ that surround meditation are not in any way indicative of my meditative potential. As Yoko Ono says: “If rules are not broken, we will be.” Click To Tweet I’m proof that rules exist to be broken because when I finally started meditating in a…

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Conscious Conversations

The ALIGNMENT project

Ever since I was little I not only knew, but I wholeheartedly believed, that we make things happen. By aligning our thoughts and energy with our most craved desires. Some call it wishful thinking. Others call it stubbornness. I call it logic. Sitting in the bedroom I had just packed into my tiny car, ready to leave home for good,  I stared out at the golden sunlight pouring in and touching everything. As my fingers traced over the keys on…

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