Thank You. Universal Letter Writing Week.



One of my favourite words.

It’s scrawled on a yellow neon post-it and stuck to my MAC. Right in front of me. A little heart sketched underneath to remind me, this is what I love.

This is what I love.

The simplicity of a singular word loosens all my mental shackles and coaxes out the wild, rambunctious, uncensored side of my creativity.

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I want to trace back through history to the root of all the words. I want to be a bystander as they are bought to life. I want to soak in their symbology.

All of it is another twinkling universe and I want to dwell there.

While procrastinating I plucked a card from the Archangel oracle deck that sits on my desk. Creative Writing. Another universal nudge – ”This is what you’re hungry for!”.

The universe gently nudged again when word maven Alexandra Franzen launched sign-ups for her free letter writing course as part of Universal Letter Writing Week.

Naturally, I jumped right in.

Pen to paper is the name of this letter writing game. Prettying up envelopes. Licking stamps. Dropping  neat little envelopes into the mailbox with glee.

These are old school letters of love, thanks, connection and unbridled creative expression. I was hooked. I’d written to my idol, sent an apology, penned a love letter and crafted an attempt at reconnection with an old friend.

Letter 4 presented me with a dilemma. Not because I couldn’t write, believe me I’m PUMPED to write. But because my previous letters were aimed at one person, and my thank you letter is intend to touch more than that .

This gratitude soaked piece is for a group almost one thousand women strong.


Image on Pinterest via

Image on Pinterest via

So ironically, I must offer up my appreciation to the twinkly, swift ways of the web for providing the means by which I can ensure this letter reaches the divine women for whom it was written.

Thank You:

Rachel and the luminous Bright-Eyed-Blog-Hearted tribe,

Firstly I must say that I think of all of you often, in a totally non-creepy way. I think of those of you who I get the pleasure of connecting with often, and those of you who I cheer on from the sidelines.

When I see your names pop up here and there, dotted across the vast galaxies of the web, I smile secretly to myself and think ”She’s doing it! This is what it’s all about”.

One of my favourite things is to think of the thousands of others around the world who are touched by the offerings, posts, words, openness, energy, wisdom, love and goodness given freely from each of you.

And then I love to think of the thousands more who are touched by those thousands. I can see this beautiful, graceful knock on effect. It elegantly blankets the entire globe with a warm, glittery glow, waking up thousands more. Thousands who cling tightly to a dream. Thousands wanting to break out of playing it safe. Thousands fantasizing of chasing down more.

Freedom. Creativity. Boundless opportunities. Expression. Belonging.

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What we’ve created here is a home that houses each of these. The door always open, allowing expired thoughts and limiting beliefs a graceful exit. 

Big, bountiful energy forever gushing in. Challenging us to do it. Take the leap. Soar.

Each profound vision, grand idea and inspired action bound with sheer belief in our own innate power, and our collective power to change the world.

To be able to call this space home, I am ever thankful.

Rach – for following the tiny spark of an idea that lead to the birth of something that has touched more people than you’ll possibly ever be able to count, and in doing so, laying the foundations for us all to follow – thank you.

Bright Eyed & Blog-Hearted tribe – for the unfaltering and generous goodness you bring to the table, even on the days where we feel we don’t have two creative molecules to rub together. Especially on those days, as well as the ones where we reach heights so high our former selves are a mere shell of who we are today – thank you.

Here’s to all your goodness being reflected back at you thousand-fold forever.



Keen to carve out your own space on the web? Bright-Eyed & Blog-hearted is open for enrolments now.

Generous. Inspiring. In-depth. This is the course to trump all blogging courses.

For full deets head on over here.


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  • Reply kris472 January 16, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Oh this is just beautiful, as a fellow BE&BH gal I am with you on the incredible ripple effect of each big-hearted blogger. Amazing x

    • Reply Cynthia January 17, 2015 at 11:19 am

      Thank you gorgeous Kris. Yep – what an amazing bunch.xx

  • Reply Lyndsey January 16, 2015 at 7:15 am

    Oh Cynthia you are a gorgeous gorgeous soul!! Gosh we are so lucky to be in this amazing tribe of beautiful inspiring women, I think you deserve a BIG thank you back. This letter was so heartfelt and touching, such a light you are and every other lovely lady in our special home on the web…keep shining all that love and light of yours babe xx

    • Reply Cynthia January 16, 2015 at 8:51 am

      Hi beautiful! Agree wholeheartedly. Your trip photos look AMAZING. Hope you’re well lovely. C.xx

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