Intuition + Oracles with Lauren Aletta – Inner Hue

Ever connected with someone who has that knack of softly bringing your attention back to you?

Your Self and your energy? Making you feel gently but unmistakenly heard?

A gentle and divine knowing, boatloads of grace and respect for the energies around them and intuition so spot on you know you’ve been lovingly and divinely guided.

Lauren Aletta, an absolute earth angel if there ever was one, exudes all this and then some.

The first time I feasted my eyes on Inner Hue, the blog lovingly nurtured by this luminous beauty, I felt like I’d let go of a breath I’d been holding onto.

Poignant. Intuitive. Calm. Connected. Feminine. Powerful.

This woman was writing the words I’d been hungry to devour. Connecting with this light beam is an absolute honour and interviewing her was beyond delightful.

She’s cloaked with grace and speaks straight to your heart. Settle in and prepare to get oh so wonderfully swept up in the glittering world of Lauren Aletta.


Get your mitts on this gorgeous, vibrant love-soaked deck.

Get your mitts on this gorgeous, vibrant love-soaked deck.

Q.1 We tender humans can get all caught up in our heads from time to time. When fear and comparison strike in your world how do you drop from your head back into your heart?

I can be an over analytical creature, but I’ve discovered this really cool little energy distinction trick that shifts me from a head space to a heart space. It takes a little moment and a bit of focus to keep in the heart space zone but really helps when I am needing aligned insight and an energy shift!

In my books, heart space living keeps you in the sweet juices of now, where our intuitive senses are at their peak and our co-creative energy is in full force.

Getting outside and grounding is super helpful tool for shifting funky energy, as is doing something you enjoy. We always know what we need in each moment, it’s just a matter of tuning in.

Q2. You know those moments that make you mouth a silent THANK YOU to the universe, when you feel so guided and held? What have been the most symbolic and/or synchronistic events in your life so far?

The last 3 years have been an incredible, heart pumping adventure. The synchronicities have blown my mind in terms of the intuitive guidance I have received around what my “next step” is, the big hearted, generous people I have met and the courage that I didn’t think I had to take steps towards my present desires and dreams.

Our desires and dreams are constantly evolving and we often do not know what the “next step” is until we are there. They are often masked as transition periods too, which can feel uncomfortable but are really about the integration, re-calibration and transformation. So I remind myself of this when I am experiencing “growing pains” and say THANK YOU!

Q3. What is the burning WHY behind what you do?


I wholeheartedly believe that when we re-connect with our internal knowledge and soul based wisdom we are able to create and contribute in diverse and aligned ways that are beyond fulfilling, not only for ourSelves, but for everyone we touch. Connect with your Light letting it burn, naturally warms and lights others.

Far out… writing that just gave me one of those “Thank you” moments. 🙂

Q4. If you could choose one random act of kindness to pay forward and spark a global movement what would it be.

I think any moment we are choosing kindness we are contributing to a global revolution. I don’t have to do anything big, I just have to be me, and choose love.

Q5. Let’s wrap this up with a little future tripping. What does your life look and feel like in 5 years?

Probably not a hell of a lot different from what I am doing now. Digging about in my garden with the munchkins, having the honour of meeting exceptional people daily, developing my intuitive skills and having a rad time with friends and family.

I have some amazingly big soul based dreams in the form of workshops, retreats, books and tool kits I wish to create that will hopefully see me and Inner Hue expand and adventure, sharing the goodness in wider places. But at my core… my humble abode, a garden, my amazing little people and some outdoor exploring is what makes my heart sing.



1. I feel most connected and alive when……

I’m living in my heart and seeing through curious space.

2. I am easily excited by…..

Everything. I know…so broad, but true. I am like a little kid. Everything enthralls me.

3. My daily must haves are….

My morning tea. Writing, Outside time and meditation.

4. I feel stifled by…..

Shopping centres.

5. I feel wholeheartedly nourished when…..

I am plugged in to the Universe, being embraced and embracing others for who they are, getting creative and playful and feeling the heart pumping rush of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Yep that equals nourished for me.