‘Nourishment is essentially the quickest route to a  greater understanding of ourselves, which leads to greater understanding of all other things. Remember that we are essentially nature. We are not separate from the pulse and the wisdom of the natural world as our bodies are always in direct connection with the energies of this planet’s cycles,’ Victoria Erickson

Hey there, I’m Cyn.

Free spirited Sagittarian, whole-hearted writer, truth-teller, wellness industry rebel, ocean dweller,  mama to Bohdi, wife to a surf obsessed designer, word nerd and unabashed coffee lover.

Here’s what I believe:

True, undeniable wellness occurs when your mind and body are in perfect alignment. When your head and heart are beating to the same beautiful drum.

I live with the unshakeable conviction that your thoughts and self-talk have the power to change your life. Turning inwards and reconnecting with what the body really craves is my specialty.

Lasting transformation occurs when you bring your whole self to the table.

We can set about working on creating physical change but if we don’t rewire your internal world, the old thought patterns and self-talk, nothing really changes.

When you trust that your body knows what it needs, she’ll work with you harmoniously.  That majestic physical vessel that you occupy knows exactly what it needs to keep you humming along nicely.

I know this to be spot on: you are not your dress size.

[Tweet “You’re not your bank account, your postcode, your job title or your past. “]

Your self-worth is totally irrelevant to your waist circumference and you cannot measure your feelings on a scale. And feelings, vibrations and the energy you put out in the world dictate what comes in. It’s all a beautiful exchange. And all you need to do is be willing to give and open to receiving all you wish for.

A little about me:

Fascinated with how the body uses food to create the energy that sustains us, I studied Food Science/Nutrition at University and worked in the fitness industry since I was 19. I became a fitness trainer, taught group fitness (spin baby!), mentored women in weight loss and nutrition, I then moved into marketing and sales (where I discovered my love for people) and eventually ran my own fitness club.

I worked in the industry long enough to know that you don’t need to be SOLD into exercising, eating, nourishing and being kind to yourself. There is no start and end point to the life you want. Everything is now. You have the power to change more than you’ve been led to realise, it’s always been in your hands, and the exciting thing is it always will be.

A peek into who I am:

I was raised by my young, newly widowed father and paternal grandparents. While there was plenty of love to go round, we were masters at keeping our true feelings hidden. From a tiny age I decided I would grow up to help people, no idea how, but my little heart was sure of it.

My dad remarried which landed me in a turbulent family dynamic. A tumultuous home life had me packing my bags right after high school. While balancing house sitting with friends and studying I grappled with identity crisis at the ripe age of 18.

Who was I and where the hell did I belong?

I spent money on dodgy psychics (do NOT do that), alcohol fuelled weekends, nutrient void food, energy drinks and loads of stuff that I didn’t even want.

What I really wanted was for somebody to tell me I wasn’t broken. On confessing to a girlfriend that life felt pretty blah she floored me with this: ”Really? Wow. It looks so perfect and together”.

Zoom in to 2007

Sitting with my thoughts one afternoon, I shifted the focus from how I felt to how I wanted to feel. Where I wanted to take my life, how I wanted to show up in the world and how I wanted it all to look. Newly devoted to the idea of nourishment on all levels, I began my love affair with good, whole food, started journalling, jotting intentions, plucking oracle cards, toting crystals and moving my body more than ever.

I felt unstoppable and every area of my life lit up. I met my soul mate at 22 complete with a ‘he’s my one‘ moment.  An awesome story for another time.

My love & I. Married at Watego's, Byron Bay

My love & I. Married at Watego’s, Byron Bay

By day I coached women to weight loss, high-fiving them as they shed another dress size and cheered them through spin class. While I watched these delicate, eager girls make stunning physical transformations I was tuning in to the feeling that we were just scratching the surface.

There was something more to all of this so I left the industry in search of it.

Today: intuitive nutrition, using the power of conscious intention and good, sweaty, heart pumping exercise are my weapons of choice. Checking in to see how something makes you feel is paramount to your mind-body relationship.

I teach women to recalibrate their internal compasses and bring clarity to what wellness means to them. Hand in hand we navigate the overcrowded world of nutrition uncovering industry myths and deception, and build self-care systems that make you come alive.

We burn the bridges built by limiting beliefs, dissolve doubt, side-kick sabotaging self-talk and turn up the volume on your inner voice.

Consider this your permission slip to cut the cords that keep you connected to tired worn out ways of being. You deserve to experience just how connected, fluid, enlivened and loved our bodies are designed to feel.

There is wild potential within you.
I’d love to be your wing woman as we uncover it.



  • Reply Shannon Paige September 15, 2016 at 5:55 am

    Wow- your blog has such an amazing meaning to it! Seems like you went through quite a story to get where you are today, I am 25…still figuring all of this out. And beginning to wonder if we ever really do figure it out, but maybe that’s the beauty of it.

    • Reply Cynthia September 15, 2016 at 1:47 pm

      Shannon, thank YOU. I’m so touched by your comment and so grateful for you taking the time. I’m still figuring it out too, lovely. And I think you’re onto something, maybe there’s nothing to figure out? Maybe we just keep making stories, and our stories, in turn, make us. Big love beautiful.x

  • Reply Amy Hughes August 31, 2016 at 11:31 am

    Agh! amazing lady! xx

    • Reply Cynthia September 1, 2016 at 1:07 pm

      Aw! Thank you beautiful.x 😉

  • Reply Eve August 5, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Beautiful story! Very inspiring=) I especially agree with “You are not…your job title.” SO glad to have connected with you!

    • Reply Cynthia August 5, 2016 at 4:22 pm

      Thank you so much Eve.x

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