50 reasons to go LOCO for COCONUT OIL!

My first encounter with this Queen of fruits was on a trip to Dunk Island in my early 20’s.

These jumbo young coconuts would fall from the palm trees outside our room and we’d decided to crack them open using the corner of our bathroom bench top + a lot of elbow grease. #coconutfail

I now leave the CRACKING OF THE COCONUTS to my husband, who is much safer with a large knife than I am.

Coconut oil basks in the superfood spotlight and graces the kitchen cupboards of many conscious foodies alike. Boosting a myriad of awesome uses, these tropical beauties are my absolute FAVOURITE summer snack and are kinda pretty to stare at.


coffee nut




1. NUTRIENTS AHOY! Adding this beauty into your diet can help you digest vitamins and minerals from fresh produce more effectively.

2. INSTANT ENERGISER: the fats in coconut oil are metabolised in the liver and conerted straight into usable energy. Take a teaspoon for an energy boost.

3. COCO-BUTTER – use as a perfect replacement for butter. Really, spread it on your toast.

4. SUPER SMOOTHIES  blend a teaspoon into your smoothie mix to boost nutrient absorption. Super-smoothie powers, activate!

5.  BUH BYE BRUSIES – rub into bruises to promote healing and fading.

6. EASES DIGESTION as it allows things to move smooooooothly through the digestive tract.

7. SOOTHES THE TUMMY  – antimicrobial properties soothe IBS and bugs that cause poor digestion.

8. IMMUNITY BOOSTER- the healthy fats in coconut oil have awesome anti-fungal, anti-microbial and antiviral properties. This winning trifecta boosts the immune system.

9. METABOLISM BOLSTER: helps you burn through energy quicker – excellent as a weight loss aid.

10. WHAT WRINKLES? Use it to lightly moisturise, it strengthens skin tissue which lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

11. KEEPS YOU FULL – the medium chain fatty acids convert straight to energy which helps keeps hunger at bay.

12.WARDS OFF CRAVINGS – Scoff a teaspoonful when the sugar cravings strike. The nourishing fats and proteins will fuel you efficiently.

13. KICKS THE SUGAR HABIT – Sugar, or ‘kitchen cocaine’ as it’s more affectionately  known, trains our brains to keep sniffing it out which is why you can eat an entire Cadbury’s block in one sitting. Coconut oil’s  healthy fats will satiate the body more effectively than any form of carbohydrate or processed, sugar laden snack.

14. CAN COOK! – substitute it in for just about any oil you would normally cook with.

15. SUPER SEXY SMOKE POINT – the smoke point of an oil is the point at which the oil starts to oxidise + create free radicals. The smoke point of coconut oil  is around 175 degrees/350 F. If you’re cooking with high temperatures, choose coconut oil over olive oil.

16. AS THE ‘MOTHER OF ALL MOISTURISERS’ – the perfect, nourishing, non-toxic, plant based moisturiser. Yum.

17. SKIN SCRUB SAVER – combine with coffee grinds and a squeeze of lemon and use in the shower as a body exfoliant.

18. LUSCIOUS LIP MOISTURISER – smooth over lips and mix in with almost-finised lipsticks to make tinted lip balm.

19. SOFTENING HAIR MASK – scoop a tablespoon into your hands and smooth it through your hair from roots to tips after shampooing. Leave in for a few minutes and rinse OR wrap hair in a towel and allow to condition your hair for 30mins – 1 hr before rinsing. tip: add a few drops of essential oils for a beautiful scent.

20. COLD SORE SAVER – Smooth onto cold sores, it’s anti-viral properties will get right to work while the fatty acids will protect your skin.

21. MAKE UP REMOVER – smooth onto the face and remove using a soft, makeup remover pad or clean, damp face towel.

22. NOURISHING HAND OIL – rub into hands to plump and hydrate skin.

23. STIMULATE CIRCULATION – add some rosemary oil to coconut oil and massage into hands and feet to stimulate circulation + warmth.

24.  MASSAGE OIL – blend with any of your favourite essential oils and use for an at-home massage.

25. COCO THE HEALER -dab onto cuts, scratches and skin irritations to soothe and promote healing.

26. HAPPY BABY BUMS – use as plant based, non toxic, perfume free nappy rash soothing agent

27. BREASTFEEDER’S BEST FRIEND – rub a little into sore and cracker nipples to soothe.

28. SUPERCHARGE YOUR BREW – by popping a teaspoon in your coffee. The combo of fatty acids and caffeine will supercharge you, giving a lasting energy boost rather than a quick energy spike. Sweetly referred to as a ‘Tropical Twisted Coffee’.

29. SWEET SMELLING SHAVING LOTION – use as a skin softener and primer before shaving for smooth skin.

30. SOOTHE THE SNIFFLES – rub a tiny bit on the inside of a runny nose.

31. SAYONARA TO SUNBURN- rub gently over the burnt area for soothing.

32. ACNE AWAY! – dab a little over any spots, leave on f0r 5-10 mins and rinse off. The anti-bactierial powers of the coconut oil will get to work on those spots.

33. DETOX BABY – take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth. It detoxifies the body, whitens teeth and clears headaches.

34. SILKY STRANDS – rub a little coconut oil into dry/split hairs to hydrate.

35. COCO CHOCOLATE MATCH MAKING – use as an ingredient in these amazing Raw Bounty Bars.

36. LUXURIOUS TANNING LOTION – makes a safe, non-toxic, delicious smelling tanning lotion

37. SEE-YA TO SORE THROATS  – a teaspoon in a cup of tea or warm lemon water can help soothe a sore throat

38. GREASE UP THOSE CREASES – rub into heels and elbows to soften dry skin

39. GLOWY GODDESS COMPLEXION – combine with baking soda and use as a facial exfoliant to ramp up the glow factor

40. YUMMY LASHES – strengthens lashes – simply rub a little into your lashes before bed

41. MAKES YOUR MAKE-UP TOOLS CLEAN + HAPPY – perfectly cleans your make-up brushes….here’s how

42. NICE NAILS – to soften cuticles

43. BEAUTIFUL BUMP – use as a safe, gentle, plant-based and non-toxic moisturiser during pregnancy

44. FRIZZ FIXER – smooth a tiny bit of coconut oil through fly-aways

45. SHINY SHINY – use to polish wooden furniture.

46. POLISHED POOCH – add a teaspoon to your pet’s meal or water bowl for good digestion and a shiny coat

47. YOUNG EYES – rub a little bit under your eyes before bed for soft skin.

48. POP YOUR CORN IN IT – and sprinkle with a little pink himalayan sea salt.

49. SOAK IT IN – add to your bath along with essential oils for a hydrating soak.

50. SUPER INGREDIENT – in these skin nourishing bars for GLOWING SKIN.


The best thing about coconut oil is it’s a solid at room temp in cool weather so you can carry it in your bag without looking slightly obsessed.

Also, if you’re as totally in love as I am, they’re now popping their pretty little way into home wares.

This quirky Peppa Hart print is making it’s way into my home. You can purchase it here.

happ coco



Got a cool coco tip you want to add?

Please add yours to this list in the comments below.


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    Yes to ALL the coconuts! They have so many uses from beauty to household to nutrition and more 🙂

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      YES! A super versatile superfood 😉 x

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